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Nanshan finance leases (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
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企业文化2.jpg◆ Financing Boasting

Nanshan Leasing achieves the purpose of "financing" through "asset leasing", provides enterprises with a new financing channel and broadens financing channels for enterprises.


Win-win Cooperation

Nanshan Leasing integrates excellent resources at home and abroad to meet personalized financing needs of clients, optimizes capital structure, and strives to create value for clients.


People Orientation

Nanshan Leasing establishes a complete management system among clients, investors and employees with extensive industry experience and professionalism, and realizes convenient, fast, smooth and effective information communication.


Contribution to the Society

Nanshan Leasing builds a harmonious investment relationship, promotes industrial and economic development through value sharing, follows national strategies, does business with honesty and trustworthy, and serves the people's livelihood, and makes efforts to achieve the harmonious development of the Company, the society and the environment.


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